Elkem Microslica Grade White Silica Fume

Elkem Microslica Grade White Silica Fume

White silica fume description What is white silica fume? Winitoor's white silica fume is high purity, consistent properties and lightness of colour,same standard as Elkem microsilica grade. With a Colour Reflection value typically more than 75%, Elkem microsilica grade white silica fume is...

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White silica fume description

What is white silica fume?

Winitoor's white silica fume is high purity,consistent properties and lightness of colour,same standard as  Elkem microsilica grade.

With a Colour Reflection value typically more than 75%, Elkem microsilica grade white silica fume  is whiter and more consistent than many alternative grades of silica fume.

Note that Elkem microsilica grade white silica fume   is not a pigment and the colour of any concrete or mortar mixture made with Elkem Microwhite® will be a function of the general mix design.

elkem microsilica

 elkem microsilica

Main Advantages of Elkem microsilica grade white silica fume  

Higher strength

Increased durability - Greater chemical & abrasion resistance

Rheological modification - Control of mixture segregation & bleed 

Batch Elkem Microwhite® into the concrete mixture and mix thoroughly,

 ensuring full dispersion of the product. Dosage varies according to application and desired performance. 

Contact Winitoor for advice and information. 



Quality Assurance & Quality control

Elkem microsilica grade white silica fume materials' Management System for development, processing and supply  is certified to ISO 9001. 

 The chemical composition and physical properties of Elkem microsilica grade white silica fume   are regularly tested.



Elkem microsilica grade white silica fume  is supplied as a densified dry powder. 

 It is available in a range of packaging options, including small bags and big bags. 

 Please contact our representative for more details. 


Storage requirements

Elkem microsilica grade white silica fume   should be stored in dry conditions and not exposed to moisture.  



Characteristic of white silica fume

Micro-silica fume/white silica fume is a by-product produced during the process of producing electrofused zirconium and zirconium. It is mainly used in unshaped refractory materials, construction, ceramics, pigments, and chemical industries.

It can be used for cement concrete in construction, can reduce the amount of cement in concrete, eliminate segregation of materials, increase the strength of concrete, enhance abrasion resistance and durability, and improve the corrosion resistance of steel bars; in amorphous refractory materials, Effectively reduce the amount of water added, has good thixotropy, and can play the role of low temperature bonding, is the best bond, binder, additives and performance improvement blends; for the ladle of unshaped castables, can To high temperature and molten steel insulation effect; used in high alumina brick, magnesium brick, sliding nozzle brick, kiln furnace and other high temperature equipment, refractories can improve the product quality level, as other ordinary refractory materials can not play the role.


Application of Elkem microsilica grade white silica fume/Zirconium Silica Powder

Elkem microsilica grade White silica fume is mainly used in

Electronic materials


paint coatings

silicone rubber


high-grade ceramics

precision casting and other industries

Who will buy white silica fume?


1.cast refractories and fused and sintered refractories will buy white silica fume.

For example,high-grade high-performance low-cement castables and prefabricated parts,

large-scale iron ditch and ladle materials, air-permeable bricks, smear repair materials, etc.;

self-flowing refractory casting materials and dry and wet spray construction applications;

oxide bonded silicon carbide products (ceramic kiln furniture , flame barriers, etc.);

high-temperature calcium silicate lightweight insulation material; electric porcelain

kiln with corundum mullite push plate; high temperature wear-resistant materials and products; corundum and ceramic products.


2.mortar and concrete will buy silica fume:

high-rise buildings, harbor docks, reservoir dams, water conservancy culverts, public railway bridges,

subways, tunnels, airport runways, rammed roads, and reinforcements for coal mine roadways.


3,new wall materials, decorative materials will buy silica fume:

wall insulation with polymer mortar, insulation mortar, interface agent.


4. Nano-silica sol as active material will buy silica fume:

 for advanced environmental protection coatings, fire protection and anti-corrosion coatings


5. Putty powder processing for interior and exterior walls will buy silica fume.


6. Used as filling reinforcing material in rubber, resin, paint, paint, unsaturated polyester and other polymer materials.


7. other active areas additives will buy silica fume as additives such in silica fume concrete.


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Should you have any interest in our elkem microslica grade white silica fume, welcome to contact us. With over 8 years experience in this field, our factory pays high attention to quality. Please rest assured to buy. Low price, fast delivery and excellent service are offered.
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