Silicon Metal

  • IC Grade Monocrystalline Silicon

    IC Grade Monocrystalline Silicon

    What is IC grade monocrystalline silicon? monocrystalline silicon Product Name: 6-11N integrated circuit grade single crystal silicon (purity >99.9999%). The Uses: monocrystalline silicon is...

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  • Solar Grade Silicon Metal

    Solar Grade Silicon Metal

    What is Solar grade silicon metal? Name: 4N/5N/6N solar grade polysilicon (purity >99.99%). The Uses of solar grade silicon metal: Used in the manufacture of solar photovoltaic cells. The main...

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  • 441/553 Metallurgical Grade Silicon Metal

    441/553 Metallurgical Grade Silicon Metal

    What is 441/553 metallurgical grade silicon metal? 441/553 metallurgical grade silicon metal, the purity is<99.4%. What is Uses of 441/553? Metallurgical grade silicon metal is also called...

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  • 2202/3303 Silicon Metal

    2202/3303 Silicon Metal

    What is 2202/3303 silicon metal? 2202/3303 silicon metal is chemical grade silicon metal. Name: 2202/3303 chemical grade industrial silicon / metal silicon / crystalline silicon (purity >...

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  • Metallic Silicon Supplier

    Metallic Silicon Supplier

    Metallic Silicon Definition "Metallic Silicon" (also known as industrial silicon in China) is a trade name that appeared in the mid-1960s.Metallic silicon is divided into various...

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  • Silica Fume For Water Glass

    Silica Fume For Water Glass

    What is water glass? Water glass is a mineral binder. Its chemical formula is R2O.nSiO2, wherein R2O is an alkali metal oxide, n is the ratio of the number of moles of silica and alkali metal...

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  • Metallic Silicon

    Metallic Silicon

    In the metallurgical casting industry, metallic silicon is used as a non-ferrous alloy additive and a silicon steel alloy agent to improve the hardenability of steel. Metallic silicon can also be...

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  • Industrial Silicon

    Industrial Silicon

    What is Industrial silicon? Industrial silicon, also known as Silicon metal, is a trade name that appeared in the mid-1960s. Silicon metal is a product of silica and carbonaceous reducing agent...

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  • Pure Silicon Metal

    Pure Silicon Metal

    Company information WINITOOR was established in 2004 in Quanzhou Fujian Province of China.We are specialized in the R&D.production and marketing of a series of building material:...

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