What Quality Standard Silica Fume Supplier Follow In China?

- May 30, 2018 -

            What quality standard silica fume supplier follow in China?

As we know,for a qualified stable silica fume supplier,quality control is very important.When the full proceed of silica fume is following monitored and controled under a strict quality control system,it is more convinced for the silica fumer importer.

And now what quality stand silica fume supplier follow in China?

Our company Wintoor has been in silica fume field since 2004,keeping space with the international standard year by year.We have exported thousand tons of silica fume to gulf countires,Japan,Korea,Vietam,North America and South America.

Not many silica fume suppliers in China owns this quality certificate ISO9001 certificate.Winitoor is one of it.For the quality,trusting us is ok.silica fume for concrete

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