What Is Water Reducing Agent?

- May 10, 2017 -

Water reducing agent is a kind of admixture which can reduce the mixing amount of water under the condition of keeping the dynamic of concrete mixing. According to the size of the reduction of water, can be divided into ordinary water reducer and superplasticizer two categories.

According to the purpose of use, water reducer has the following effects:

(1) increase liquidity. Under the condition that the original mix proportion is constant, that is, water, water cement ratio and strength are unchanged, the fluidity of concrete mixture is increased.

(2) increase strength. Under the condition of maintaining the fluidity and the cement dosage, the mixing water can be reduced, and the water cement ratio can be decreased, so as to improve the strength of the concrete.

(3) saving cement. Under the condition that the strength of the cement is kept constant, that is, the water cement ratio is constant and the fluidity is invariable, the mixing water can be reduced, thereby reducing the amount of cement, achieving the purpose of ensuring the strength and saving the cement.

(4) to improve other properties. The addition and subtraction of water addition agent can also improve the cohesion and water retention of the concrete mixture, improve the compactness of the hardened concrete, improve the durability, reduce and delay the hydration heat of concrete, etc..

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