What Is The Role Of Micro Silicon Powder

- May 10, 2017 -

Silica fume is a kind of industrial products, smelting but this product is not a waste, so in real life or micro silica has its own role, in life, we often put the micro silicon powder processed into other useful products, so, what are these products?

First, because the micro silicon powder density is relatively small so that can fill the void between the cement well, and also can form a gel after combined with water, which is often used as cement admixture or concrete, so that cement and concrete can be made more durable;

Second, micro silica will better be used as refractory material additives, because of its mobility, strong storage capacity is relatively low, and has the characteristics of high density, and high strength etc. Therefore, often used in high temperature resistant materials, and to achieve the desired effect of fire temperature;

Third, if the micro silica water after, then make spherical products, so after sintering or natural drying, if not add other adhesive on the inside, so it is very little impurity pellet, such products can still return to the electric furnace smelting as a good material the use of;

Fourth, some factories in order to prevent some chemical synthesis of powder form massive, this time they will use silicon instead of doing some more expensive materials, such as to isolate the effect of scatter far more than in the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and extinguishing agent products etc..

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