What Is Micro Silica Powder?

- May 10, 2017 -

Micro silica powder is a kind of very active material, it has a very important role in industrial production. What is micro silica powder? What is the substance like?

Micro silicon powder is in the process of industrial production in accidental extraction to the material, it is produced in the refining process of industrial silicon, this material itself is a kind of volatile gas, this gas emissions into the air and air of oxygen combined with precipitated substance, is microsilica today. The volume of this material is very small, the need for the use of specialized equipment for collection, in the collection of the process is the need for encryption.

From the appearance of micro silica were observed, is a kind of white powder, the organization structure and its ore bodies are very similar, we from the appearance of ugly, small particles of silica fume is irregular, it is affected by the surface tension in the formation of the role of long.

Micro silica powder can be mixed with a lot of substances, micro silicon powder has a very good lubrication, it is not the same as the use of different substances to play a role. Micro silica powder is often used in conjunction with concrete, mainly to increase the wear resistance of concrete and prolong the service life of concrete. There is no risk of micro silica fume, in the course of transport no special requirements, can be different in accordance with the transport of dangerous chemicals, but when stored to keep dry, to avoid direct exposure to high temperatures, rain.

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