Special Silica Powder For Refractory Material

- May 10, 2017 -

Micro silica powder is a kind of common material in chemical industry. Micro silica powder can be combined with many different kinds of materials to produce different effects. What kind of material is a kind of micro silica powder for refractory material? This material is the use of micro silica powder is ordinary micro silica powder? What is the main application of micro silica powder for refractory materials in the industry?

We all know that the micro silica fume is a by-product of industrial production, but its collection work is very troublesome, micro silica after collection will be classified according to the quality of the excellent quality of micro silica will be applied to the production of refractory materials, so the quality of special refractory silica fume to the best, otherwise the effect will affect the use of special refractory materials can be made into a micro silicon powder metallurgy binder, materials can also be made to return to the furnace for use as smelting.

The application range of micro silica powder is very extensive, it can be used in many industries. Precast refractory material for micro silica refractory material can be used to produce high-grade high performance and a workpiece, a workpiece made of this material and its service life is very long, is about three times that of ordinary casting, refractory workpiece temperature reached one hundred degrees, the seismic strength and thermal properties are obviously the improvement. Now refractory silica powder has been widely used in non-ferrous metals, glass, steel and other industries, the effect is very good.

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