Performance Characteristics Of Aliphatic Water Reducer

- May 10, 2017 -

Performance characteristics of aliphatic water reducer:

1, high water cut. With the addition of 0.5-1%, the water reducing rate can reach 15-25%. Under the condition of the same slump, the addition of aliphatic superplasticizer (powder) can save 25-30% of cement;

2, early strength, enhanced effect is obvious. Concrete mixed with aliphatic superplasticizer (powder), three days can reach the design strength of 60-70%, can reach 100% days, 28 days than the blank concrete strength increased by 30-40%;

3, high plasticity. The slump loss of concrete is small, the 30 min is not lost, and the loss of Min is 90 10-20%;

4, suitable for a wide range of cement, and workability, good adhesion. Good compatibility with other additives;

5, can significantly improve the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete, impermeability, anti sulfate erosion, and comprehensively improve the other physical properties of concrete;

6, especially suitable for the following concrete: liquid plastic concrete, natural curing, steam curing concrete, impermeability of waterproof concrete, durability of frost thaw concrete, anti sulfate erosion of marine concrete, as well as steel, prestressed concrete;

7, aliphatic superplasticizer (powder) non-toxic, non flammable, non corrosive steel, no sodium sulfate crystallization in winter.

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