Method And Use Of Micro Silicon Powder

- May 10, 2017 -

The micro silica powder is a kind of material which is produced in the industrial production. The collection of micro silica powder is very troublesome, but its function is very effective. Silica fume is a kind of very active material, and it can be any material mixed use, micro silica and different material mixed use will produce different characteristics, this is the place of silicon most precious, and any other material can not be compared with the place. What is the use of micro silica powder? In addition to the common use of what is the use?.

The use of a very wide field of micro silicon powder, refractory material qualitative, dry mixed mortar, high strength non shrinkage grouting material, concrete, cement mixture waterproof agent, all kinds of paint, modified ceramic products and some polymers can be used to repair and silica fume. Now a new type of surface building materials in the manufacturing process also added micro silica powder. In addition to the normal use of micro silica powder, can also be used as the raw material of silicate brick, fertilizer industry can also be used as a fertilizer to prevent caking.

The use of micro silica powder is mainly involved in the hair, in the concrete and the corresponding casting materials in the laboratory to make the appropriate proportion of the mix, adding to the mixer in the mixing can be. Here is a special description of the following, micro silica powder can not be directly added to the concrete has been completed in the use of mixing. Micro silica is very light weight, can not be tossed in the air during the operation process, but also to prevent the micro silica dust.

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