Metal Silicon Latest News Of Metal Silicon Supplier On June 5

- Jun 06, 2018 -

       Metal silicon latest news of metal silicon supplier on June 5

June 5 Metal Silicon Daily Commentary: Trader Inquiries Actively Rare Orders

SMM June 5: Today's specs of silicon prices continue to decline, Tianjin Port is not oxygen 553 # silicon price range of 12200-12300 yuan, more low-cost sources. 

Today, the light atmosphere continues to be alive. Most traders are more active in making inquiries. On the one hand, they are preparing for long-term orders and on the other, they are trying to test the attitude of the silicon factory so as to take the opportunity to make a purchase at the right time. At present, the majority of traders who remain pessimistic about the market outlook are still trading, so few orders are released.

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