How To Determine Whether The Micro Silica Powder Qualified?

- May 10, 2017 -

Every one needs customers are thinking about purchasing micro silica to micro silicon powder of high quality, to improve the quality of their products, but many people do not understand the micro silica and silica fume market confusion, it is difficult to buy into the micro silicon powder is good, how to judge the micro silica fume is qualified?

1, color; color weight of micro silica powder for industrial silicon products. More than the light color of ferrosilicon products.

2, liquidity: the use of micro silica powder on the fluidity of more than 120. The building should be able to mix and open.

3, content: the content of micro silica powder to achieve the use of standards, refractory materials should be used in more than 92, the construction should be used in more than 85.

4, the proportion: encryption ratio of major micro silica powder will affect mobility. Do not encrypt the local, inconvenient transportation.

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