How To Be Silica Fume Suppliers In European And American Silica Fume SIKA?

- May 26, 2018 -

How to be silica fume suppliers in European and American silica fume SIKA?

Chinese domestic microsilica manufacturing companies have developed rapidly. However, most local suppliers have a problem: short-term supply of short-term supplies cannot become the core supplier of multinational companies like silica fume sika, and then enter the global supply chain system.

Why is it difficult for Chinese local suppliers to become the core supplier?

 on the one hand, local companies cannot simply regard cheap as a stepping stone. 

On the other hand, we should also ask local silica fume suppliers a question: Have you considered their needs from the customer's point of view? In fact, most multinational corporations have gradually established a strategy for transferring to developing countries. This means that multinational companies tend to transfer production and supply chains to developing countries such as China at a strategic level. This is based on cost pressures. It may also be that the market is moving to these areas and it needs to be supplied nearby. However, in this transition process, multinational companies are facing great resistance, such as the decision-making level, procurement level, supplier level and even the technical level.

Understanding the decision rules and platform standards of multinational companies is a necessary homework for local manufacturing companies. Many local entrepreneurs who started from scratch have become accustomed to fire-fighting solutions. China's industry characteristics, employment environment, and policy requirements also give this flexibility management possibilities. However, for multinational corporations in Europe and America, the ERP system requires that every project has strict approval procedures, risk analysis, team decision-making, and confirmation of technical indicators. It needs to be audited at all levels and ultimately it can promote actions.

Now our products are mainly for silica fume buyers from silica fume concrete mix and undersified silica fume for refractory.

Many customers such as SIKA silica fume will require a sole and stable quality supply.

How we control this kind of quality?

First of all,our quality is as ISO9001 standard as ELKEM mocrosilica standard degree.All the production proceed is fully monitored.

Secondly,we fix our furnances at certain density as our European and American silica fume suppliers standard.And we keep the goods very stable to be silimar colours and density and so on.

Thirdly,end of every year,we fix production schedules with ready mix conrete and refractory silica fume standard to control to be a stable silica fume delivery time.

silica fume concrete

Our company insist on a win-win business with oaur clients.We are very careful with each silica fume customer’

requirement.We also don’t want to promise you everything and then disappoint you with bad 

performance.Once we promise,we will comply with it.

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