Determination Of Liquidity Of Micro Silica Powder

- Jun 29, 2017 -

Determination of Liquidity of Micro silica Powder

  Micro-silica fume and silicon content although a certain relationship, but not proportional. The same is 92 of silicon powder, some liquidity is very good, and some simply no liquidity. In addition, the test must be added to the dispersant, if the sodium tripolyphosphate does not work, and then try to P530, both do not work, then this micro-silica fume can not be used for refractory industry.

    For the non-encrypted micro-silica powder can be a simple way, that is: 40 grams of water: 60 grams of micro-silica fume: 0.2 grams of dispersant (trimer or P530), fully stirred, pouring on the glass, natural flow, Area, if the average diameter is greater than 150mm, the liquidity will generally be very good, but it is best to do a fixed test block test, according to the amount of water to determine the final flow of good or bad, but now the domestic micro-silica fume can meet this standard Too little. In addition, for the encryption of micro-silica fume, can not use the above method, only with amorphous samples to determine.

    On the amorphous test block, because we mainly detect the flow of micro-silica fume, you can easily determine a ratio, such as if there are bauxite aggregate and fine powder, you can use the following ratio: alumina aggregate 5-3MM 40% , 3-1MM 13%, 1-0MM 15%, 180 mesh alumina powder 20%, aluminum cement 7%, micro-silica fume 5%, trimerization 0.15% or trimer 0.07%

    After weighing the above raw materials, add a dry mix in a mortar mixer and add 6% water with stirring. After stirring for three minutes, look at the consistency of the mixture. If the more dilute, good liquidity, it is possible to prove the quality of micro-silica fume. If you can not flow, you can add some water, to determine how much water demand.

    But this is also judged by experience, for accurate, you need to choose a better flow of micro-silica fume, to determine a standard amount of water, the mixture after mixing in the cement mortar fluidity tester (jump table method) Flow and beating 15 times the flow value, this value is the standard flow value, the determination of other kinds of micro-silica fume, look at the standard flow of water to achieve the standard, you can determine the flow of micro-silica fume is good or bad.

    There are a few points to note:

1, bauxite aggregate and fine powder must be used sintering good, and each time the best experiment with the same batch;

2, aluminum cement each experiment is best to use the new open packaging and stable quality of cement;

3, different seasons have different liquidity.

    The use of castable test piece can accurately determine the micro-silica fume mobility, strength, hardening time, shrinkage and other physical properties, but still too much trouble, and can only be measured in the laboratory, while the domestic silicon plant almost Without these experimental equipment, such as the need to determine the quality of micro-silica fume in the production site.

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