Concrete Show India-professional Show For Silica Fume Supplier

- Jun 01, 2018 -

                                                Concrete Show India-professional show for silica fume supplier


May 17-19,2018

Location:Mumbai Exhibition Center

Estimated time for Concrete Show Asia 2019:May of 2019

Concrete Show India-professional show for silica fume supplier

The Indian concrete technology and equipment exhibition CONCRETE SHOW INDIA (professional show for silica fume supplier)was organized by UBM Group and was held for the first time in 2013. It is a professional exhibition dedicated to concrete construction and related products such as microsilica in the Indian region. And the audience, displaying the latest concrete products silica fume concrete and technologies, is a grand event for the silica fume concrete concrete industry.

Strong demand for silica fume concrete: 

India's building materials market is in strong demand. Chinese products silica fume concrete are cheap and well-priced. They are deeply loved by local mining and selling traders. The Indian building materials market is currently underdeveloped and has huge potential.

Strong frontier for silica fume concrete: 

The exhibition will release emerging products and technologies in the concrete silica fume concrete field, providing exhibitors silica fume supplier  with an opportunity for on-site communication and exchange.

Strong attraction for silica fume: 

Each year's exhibition scale grows with a 40% growth rate. The last India Concrete Exhibition attracted more than 200 exhibitors silica fume supplier from all over the world and more than 9,000 professional buyers. It has extensive influence in the world of concrete production, equipment manufacturing and related construction machinery industry. It is the most concrete technology and equipment in various countries. Good trade platform.

Introduction for Indian Market-who will buy silica fume

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, and its economic growth rate is remarkable. The Indian construction industry is an important part of the Indian economy and India’s attraction of foreign investment. It is also the basis for India’s rapid industrialization and urbanization. The construction industry is the most active economic industry after agriculture. India is one of the BRICS countries and one of the G20 countries. As the largest country in the subcontinent of South Asia, India is the procurement hub for the entire South Asian business district and the largest emerging market in the world. 

According to statistics from Indian Business Information Department and Indian Ministry of Commerce, from January to August 2017, the bilateral import and export volume of goods between India and China was US$53.75 billion, of which, India’s exports to China were US$7.5 billion, accounting for 3.9% of India’s total exports; India China imported 46.25 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 16.0% of India's total imports. China is India's fourth largest export destination and the largest source of imports. According to a study released recently by the Freedonia Group, a global leader in business surveys, the global demand for cement and concrete admixtures is expected to increase to US$24 billion by 2019. The group's research report pointed out that with the continuous growth of construction activities worldwide, the demand for cement and concrete admixtures has been boosted. At the same time, the use of admixtures has continued to increase in some developing countries such as India and Turkey. According to the analysis, by 2024, India is expected to become the third largest market for cement and concrete admixtures-silica fume in the world.

 Brief introduction of the exhibition 2018

Exhibition area: about 5,000 square meters

Exhibitors: more than 200 exhibitors

Number of visitors: more than 9,000

Exhibition Scopes:

1. Additives: cement manufacturing adhesives, various types of admixtures; cement additives; dry mortar additives; steel fiber, glass fiber, aerated aluminum powder, micro-silica fume, sealant, paint, coating, aggregate; , cement substitute products, etc.;

2. Concrete equipment: brick machine, concrete block equipment, concrete filling equipment, clay brick making machine, etc.;

3.concrete cutting: diamond cutting tools, saw blades, drilling, polishing equipment accessories, hand tools, electric tools and finishing equipment; equipment: scaffolding, construction templates and accessories, building embedded parts, construction hardware, lifts and aerial operations equipment;

5. Mixing equipment: rake type, fixed type stirring equipment, mixer truck, connecting piece, asphalt mixing equipment and accessories, vibrating rod, etc.;

6. pump truck: concrete pump, pump distribution, pump tube, etc.;

7. Others: Road construction machinery equipment, paving equipment, troweling machine, floor equipment, steel cutting equipment, crushing equipment, lightweight wallboard machinery equipment, concrete distributor, batching station, mortar and grouting equipment.


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