Cape Town International Green Building Exhibition, South Africa -professional Silica Fume Exhibition For Silica Fume Supplier

- Jun 08, 2018 -

                  Cape Town International Green Building Exhibition, South Africa

                  -professional silica fume exhibition for silica fume supplier

October 2018

Periodicity: Annual session

 Exhibition scale: 10000-20000

Exhibition Hall: Cape Town International Convention Center, South Africa

Exhibition Introduction

GreenBuildingConvention&exhibition is organized by South Africa Green Building Association. It is the most authoritative and professional green building exhibition in South Africa every year. The exhibition echoes with the forum and provides a good platform for the suppliers of green energy, green building products and services to educate decision makers in the industry and publish new products. During the exhibition, he participated in multiple negotiations and interactions. Tea breaks, lunches, and opening receptions broke through the traditional exhibitions and provided exhibitors with more extensive marketing opportunities.

Market analysis

South Africa is the most economically developed country in Africa. The economy has formed a relatively complete system of industry types, and its industrial foundation is relatively good. The three major industries are: agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and related services. Among them, South Africa’s industrial energy industry is in a hurry. There is a huge shortage of oil. Coal-fired thermal power is the main power plant. There are about 13 thermal power plants. The power generation accounts for 92% of the total power generation in South Africa. A serious power shortage restricts the economy of many African countries. The bottleneck of development.

Although South Africa's national power company accounts for 45% of the total power generation in the entire African continent, it is still insufficient to meet the needs of its own economic development. With the rapid development of economy, energy has become an important condition for the development of the international economy. The complementarity of energy between countries has become an important way for international energy development. This exhibition is the best way for Chinese new energy companies and green building materials companies to enter the African market.

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