British Concrete Exhibition UK CONCRETE SHOW 2019,professional Silica Fume Supplier Exhibition

- Jun 05, 2018 -

  British Concrete Exhibition UK CONCRETE SHOW 2019,professional silica fume supplier exhibition

British Concrete Exhibition UK CONCRETE SHOW 2019


Period:March 20-21,2018

Location:Birmingham National Exhibition Center NEC

Introduction of British Concrete Exhibition UK CONCRETE SHOW 2019

professional silica fume supplier exhibition

British Concrete Exhibition UK CONCRETE SHOW began in 2011. As the UK's only professional concrete exhibition in Europe, the British Concrete Exhibition (UKConcreteShow) received a lot of attention including silica fume supplier from the very beginning and it has grown rapidly year by year.

The first session of the exhibition-professional exhibition for silica fume supplier and microsilica buy attracted 112 companies and scientific research institutions to participate in the exhibition.

 Because of the shortage of booth space, in 2013, the organizing committee could only change the pavilion at Coventry to the exhibition hall in Birmingham to meet the increasing demand. Since its inception, the British Concrete Exhibition (UKConcreteShow) is already the most professional and largest concrete exhibition in Europe also the most important and largest silica fume supplier exhibition.

UKConcrete Show is not just an event to showcase products, but also an opportunity to introduce new products. At the same time, the exhibition held concrete seminars. Professionals gathered to discuss the development direction of concrete and the latest products microsilica buy, while the organizers provided in the exhibition center. In a prominent position, exhibitors including silica fume supplier who want to display their products with good silica fume price are constantly presenting products on site.

 In 2019, the British Concrete Exhibition will be held at the Birmingham National Exhibition Center. The exhibition will bring you different exhibition experience and attract more visitors.

Introduction of silica fume market-UK.

The United Kingdom is a highly developed capitalist country. One of the four major European economies, its citizens have a high standard of living and a good social security system. As the Commonwealth head of state, a member of the G8, a founding member of NATO, the United Kingdom is also one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the United Kingdom is one of several nuclear powers in the world and an important member of 120 international organizations such as the European Union, NATO, Commonwealth, and Western European Union. It advocates strengthening relations with the United States and achieving common interests. We will attach importance to developing relations with other major powers and strive to improve relations with major powers such as China, Russia, and India. Efforts are made to maintain traditional links with Commonwealth countries and maintain and expand their influence in developing countries. Actively participate in global affairs, maintain a strong national defense force, and emphasize free trade.

As an important trading entity, economic power, and financial center, the United Kingdom is the world’s fifth-largest economic system and one of the richest, most economically advanced and highest living standards in the world. Although market share is not the largest in Europe, its purchasing power is one of the best in the EU. The International Monetary Fund has also been optimistic about the growth of the British economy and it is expected that its economy will continue to grow. The British government has launched a strategy to build the United Kingdom into a team that has a stronger presence in the global construction market and is expected to grow by 70% by 2025. The Sino-British trade structure is highly complementary. At present, the United Kingdom holds the status of China as the second largest trading partner in the EU. China is the second largest trading partner of the UK outside the EU.

View of last exhibition for silica fume supplier

Exhibition area some of which is for silica fume supplier: about 12,000 square meters

Exhibitors of silica fume: more than 180 exhibitors

Visitors microsilica buy: 6,981 spectators from 55 countries around the world

Scopes of exhibitions for silica fume supplier

1. Concrete/construction machinery and equipment: 

Concrete mixer trucks, pump trucks, pumps; cutting, welding, wire wrapping, etc., rebar processing machinery, scaffolding, and other construction machinery equipment; concrete block, brick and tile production machinery, mixing and mixing machinery, sand and gravel Separator, mixing station, batching station, automatic control system, concrete cutting equipment, manual/power tools, etc.; pumping machinery, cloth machinery, jet machinery, pouring equipment, metering equipment, vibration equipment; dry mortar production equipment and control system Wait;

2. concrete products: commercial mortar which may need silica fume, concrete block products which may buy silica fume, concrete components, paints, decorative concrete products and systems;

3. admixture: various types of admixtures such as silica fume concrete admixtures, additional materials such as microsilica, additives production technology and equipment;

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