2018 Vietnam Cement Exhibition,professional Exhibition For Silica Fume Supplier

- Jun 07, 2018 -

          2018 Vietnam Cement Exhibition,professional exhibition for silica fume supplier

2018 Vietnam Cement Exhibition,professional exhibition for silica fume supplier


Exhibition time: November 21-22, 2018

Venue: Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh International Exhibition Center


Exhibition introduction:

    The annual Vietnam Cement & Concrete Equipment Exhibition is the largest and most professional cement industry also the most professional concrete additives including silica fume event in Vietnam. 

The exhibition will gather an industrial industrial chain centered on cement technology and equipment, and collect upstream and downstream industries such as mines, sandstone, and concrete which need silica fume to provide opportunities for cement companies microsilica buy to extend their industrial chains.

In the same period, there will be B2B conferences and summit technical forums, which will provide exhibitors with a professional platform to directly connect their exhibits to buyers, and show the latest developments in the company's products in the same industry, and also increase the product introduction forum. Buyers from different regions have a clearer understanding of the exhibitor’s products and the development of the company. At the same time, the organizers will also organize on-site inspection activities to inspect the representative cement factories in the region, better understand the Vietnamese cement market, and explore the development trend of the industry products.

Silica fume Market introduction:

The equipment is lagging behind. It is urgent to introduce advanced equipment to help export

Since 2010, Vietnam Cement has started exporting. According to incomplete statistics in 2017, there are about 200 large and small cement plants who need silica fume in Vietnam. There are about 50 large-scale cement factories who sell silica fume, and the annual output of Vietnam cement is 80 million tons, and the export volume is 20 million Ton. 

Due to the urgent need of economic development, 90% of Vietnam's equipment still needs to rely on imports. The country's manufacturing industry is small. Most of the equipment currently used in cement plants who sell silica fume comes from China, Denmark, Japan, and other countries. 

The demand for industrial manufacturing machinery and related technical equipment in Vietnam It is very prosperous and the industrial processing technology in Vietnam is backward, which makes the domestic industrial production equipment and related technologies unable to meet the needs of social development. Therefore, the production and processing machinery and related accessory products need to rely on imports.

Vietnam cement industry in need of silica fume market is good, unlimited business opportunities

Vietnam's cement industry ranks in the top five in the world, second only to China, India, Iran and the United States. The Ministry of Construction of Vietnam stated that during the period from 2016 to 2020, the total cement production in Vietnam will be approximately 575 million tons, with an average annual output of approximately 115 million tons, including exports. Accounted for 15%, about 17.25 million tons. According to the Vietnam Cement Association and Customs data, in the first quarter of 2017, Vietnam's cement sales reached 17.8 million tons, up 6% year-on-year, including domestic sales of 1.29 million tons, cement and clinker exports 482 million tons, an increase of 11% . It is estimated that by 2020, Vietnam will supply nearly 500 million tons of cement, and its sales volume may reach 95 million tons/year.

At present, there are several weak points in the cement industry in Vietnam. First, low cement production, high production costs, and low EBITDA (earnings depreciation and amortization) are only 15-20%, which is lower than that of other countries in the region. -30%; Second, high fuel costs, limited alternative fuels; Third, compared with China and Thailand, Vietnam depreciation rate of cement plants; Fourth, high financial leverage; Fifth lack of long-term export planning.

By 2030, Vietnam will need to invest 220 billion U.S. dollars in infrastructure construction, including construction investment of about 127 billion U.S. dollars. Therefore, in the next five years, Vietnam plans to complete a large number of transportation projects to benefit the cement industry. This will give foreign industrial automation technology equipment, metallurgical casting technology equipment, refrigeration technology equipment, welding technology equipment, machine tools and metal processing equipment technology and industrial mold manufacturing technology to enter the Vietnamese market to provide a huge business opportunities for industrial automation manufacturers presented a Infinitely broad consumer market.

Ranges of exhibition for silica fume supplier:

Mining equipment and construction machinery:

 rigs, blasting, various crushing machinery, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, rock crushers, belt conveyors, mining dump trucks, air compressors, mine engineering design and construction units;

Grinding and auxiliary equipment: tube mill, vertical mill, roller press, roll mill, new high-efficiency classifier, dryer and its auxiliary lubrication, transmission, grinding roller, cement grinding aids, etc.;

Calcining and cooling: Cyclone preheater, pre-decomposition equipment, rotary kiln and its seal, burner, clinker cooling device accessories, etc.;

Conveyor transport: mechanical conveyor equipment: bucket elevator, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, buried scraper conveyor, clinker chain bucket conveyor, vibratory conveyor; pneumatic conveying equipment: warehouse pneumatic pump, M type FK screw pump, air conveying chute;

Concrete equipment: various types of concrete admixtures adding concrete, concrete products adding silica fume, decorative concrete adding fumed silica ; steel fiber, glass fiber, micro-silica fume, sealant, pigment; cement and cement products, special cement, cement substitute products; mobile and fixed mixing equipment, Mixers, connecting parts, asphalt mixing equipment and accessories, vibrators; concrete block equipment, concrete refueling equipment, clay brick machine, lightweight wallboard machinery; concrete pump, pump distribution, pump pipe;

Scaffolding, construction formwork and accessories, building embedded parts, construction hardware, lifts and aerial work equipment, cranes;

Construction machinery and building motor vehicles; Precast concrete equipment;

Feeding and metering: mine discharge gate, feeding equipment, weighted metering equipment, volumetric metering equipment;

Exhaust gas treatment: various types of dust collection equipment, filter material, pulse valve, humidification tower, spray device, fan, and ancillary equipment;

Bulk and bagged: Bulk cement handling equipment, transportation equipment, special measurement, storage equipment, clearing system; packaging machine, packaging bags, coding, stacker and stacker;

Waste heat utilization: waste heat power generation technology, waste heat boilers, steam turbines, generators, cooling towers and other ancillary equipment;

Refractory materials and thermal insulation products: various refractory bricks which need silica fume, unshaped refractories which need silica fume, lightweight thermal insulation products which need silica fume, thermal insulation materials, masonry equipment;

Transmission equipment: bearings, motors, speed reducers, ring gear, etc.; dust removal and environmental protection technology equipment, desulfurization and denitrification technology, design contracting, etc., waste and its processing and utilization technologies and equipment;

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