Silica Powder Dark And Light

Silica Powder Dark And Light

Silica powder dark and light Characteristics of Dark silica powder & Light silica powder The color of microsilica is roughly divided into three types: black, gray, and gray. There are many factors that cause the difference in the color of micro-silica fume. The smelting formula and the raw materials are different, and the color of the produced micro-silica fume is also different, but the content of silicon generally does not change much, mainly because of the difference in the content of other substances. Caused color changes. Application of Dark silica powder & Light silica powder Dark silica powder has a more special role in oil cementing. In the process of oil extraction, the temperature of superheated steam injected into the formation is up to 300 degrees. At such high temperatures, the strength of ordinary Portland cement will decline rapidly. Therefore, the addition of microsilica in cement can effectively improve the thermal stability of the cement. Because the black microsilica contains a large amount of high purity silica, it is more suitable for applications under high temperature conditions. Because of its high purity silica, Dark silica powder has a finer particle size, so it is more active and suitable for high temperature and high strength concrete. Widely loved by users. Black microsilica can also be used in normal concrete to increase its strength and dramatically increase durability and reduce costs. The Dark silica powder produced by Nutrilite has a low carbon content and a very high content of ultrafine, high-activity amorphous silicon oxide, which can be widely used in the concrete field and refractory materials.

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