What are the indicators of micro silica powder

- May 10, 2017 -

According to the density and particle size, the micro silica powder can be divided into different types, and the performance, price and use of different types of micro silica powder are different. Specifically as follows:

(1) according to the SiO2 content

1, SiO2 = 85%, the typical value of more than 88%, the main control of ignition loss (less than 6%), for concrete and low-grade refractory.

2, SiO2 = 90%, the typical value of about 92%, according to customer requirements for control of impurities, and general refractory concrete.

3, SiO2 = 92%, the typical value of about 94%, there are specific requirements, requirements for high-grade refractory to liquidity.

4, SiO2 = 97%, the typical value of more than 96%, there are strict requirements of impurities and pH value, but different customer focus is not the same, for high-grade refractories.

(two) by density

1, the original, 100-170kg/m3 easy to bond, poor transport.

2, mild encryption, 250-400kg/m3, basically no particles, significantly improved transport. But affected by temperature instability.

3, semi encrypted 400-500kg/m3, began to appear a large number of loose particles, not easy to bond, better transport.

4, high density 500-700kg/m3, based on the hard particles mainly (different particle size and different density), excellent transport.

(three) by size or specific surface area

1, the median size of about 0.3um, the specific surface area in 15-25m2/g, almost all of the particle size is less than 1um, the vast majority of the world such as silica fume.

2, the median size of about 0.1um or less than the value in the surface area is larger than 30m2/g, generally appear in high purity silica fume, relatively rare.

3, the median diameter of 0.5-2.0um, the specific surface area of 5-15m2/g, rare.

4, the median diameter of more than 2.0um, is extremely rare, with poor performance.

To sum up, the user should choose the appropriate model based on the actual needs of micro silica powder, so that the economy can achieve the best results.

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