What are the advantages of silica fume concrete

- May 10, 2017 -

Micro silica powder for high strength concrete:

If the micro silicon powder is added in the high-strength concrete, the designer of the project can have more creative choice. For example, the use of high strength concrete micro silicon powder can be added in the design of high-rise building to avoid excessive pillar, to increase the construction of the use of space, and adding micro silicon powder can be preformed with larger span prestressed beam.

● The compressive strength of concrete can be improved to 140MPa

● The elastic modulus of concrete can make up to 40000MPa

● The runway can make the flexural strength of 28 days to reach 14 MPa

The high early strength can be applied to engineering project and prefabricated assault

Silica fume for shotcrete:

Adding silica fume concrete used for solid rock engineering, mining tunnel lining, marine project post purchase or hunger repair, good bonding, not only in the wet environment construction, reduce springback, and the fineness is suitable for all kinds of nozzle, the spray concrete construction more economical, more save time, more effective.

The injection can reduce the concrete rebound losses amounted to 50%

Water can improve the efficiency of construction, a spray layer thickness up to 12 inches

● The can have higher bond strength

● The resistance coefficient can have high and low permeability

● The can has high compressive strength and flexural strength

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