The effect of MICROSILICA use for refractory

- Jul 25, 2017 -

The effect of MICROSILICA use for refractory

Micro-silica fume in the refractory industry is widely used. Practical application in the following areas:

(1) micro-silica fume as additives to produce amorphous and shaped refractory products, so that its strength, high temperature performance greatly improved.

(2) instead of pure aluminum oxide as refractory material.

(3) for Sheng Gang bucket as a whole pouring combination of coagulant.

(4) other refractory products of the adhesive, binding agent, coagulant, additives.

Micro-silica fume as a new raw material, commonly used in the refractory industry. It has an important effect on the improvement of unshaped refractories. Expressed as

(1) the traditional refractory material has many pores, micro-silica fume filled in the pores, improve the bulk density and reduce the porosity, the intensity can be significantly enhanced.

(2) micro-silica fume has a strong activity in the water can form colloidal particles, adding the right amount of dispersant, can enhance the mobility, thereby improving the casting performance.

(3) micro-silica fume in the water easily formed -Si-OH base, with strong hydrophilicity and activity, can enhance the cohesion of refractory materials, while high temperature performance has improved greatly, and can extend the use of refractory products life.


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