Relationship between high concentrated water reducer and temperature

- May 10, 2017 -

High concentration water reducing agent has been one of the basic principles of concrete materials, then the concrete material to add water reducer what role? Where is its commercial value? What does it have to do with temperature?

A high concentration of reducing agent products in summer metamorphism, influence carbohydrate retarder, also have the effect of microorganism, of course, more related to the influence of temperature, high concentration water reducing agent is very sensitive to temperature, when the temperature rises, the macromolecular chain product of the movement increased, once the dissociation kinetic energy over chemical bond it is likely to occur, chain decomposition, random fracture, decomposition of side groups of thermal decomposition, deterioration rate in polymer accelerated, resulting in high quality concentrated water reducer product deterioration, so high concentration superplasticizer carboxylic acid should be stored in a cool ventilated place, high concentration of water reducing agent on the temperature sensitivity of the new water reducing agent for the best to use as soon as possible.

In the process of concrete production, one of the most important parameters is the ratio of water / cement ratio, that is, the ratio of water / cementitious material. The water / binder ratio is high, the new mix of plastic concrete work better, easier construction agent, but at the same time will lead to hardening water soil strength is low.

In order to solve this contradiction, that is, at the same time without sacrificing the workability of the strength of the concrete, or to maintain the workability and strength of cement at the same time to reduce the amount of use, this time the need to add water reducer.

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