Low price micro silica fume

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Micro-silica powder is also called silica fume or condensed silica fume, is ferroalloy in the smelting of Ferrosilicon and industrial silicon (metal silicon), in the mine thermoelectric furnace produced a large number of volatile SiO2 and SI gas, gas emissions and rapid oxidation condensation precipitation. It is a byproduct of large-scale industrial smelting, and the whole process needs to be recycled with dust-cleaning equipment, because the density is small and encryption is needed.


From a granular point of silica powder from natural quartz processing, the size of the larger, has 200 eyes, 300 mesh, 400 mesh, 500 head, 600 head, 800 head, 1000 head, 1250 head, 3000 eyes, 5000 eyes, 10000 eyes, etc. is a powder state. And the fineness of micro-silica powder is less than 80% of 1μm, the average particle diameter is 0.1-0.3μm, is a kind of ash state.

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