How to maintain the micro silica powder concrete

- May 10, 2017 -

Micro silica fume concrete must be properly maintained. If there is no maintenance, the advantages of micro silica powder to concrete can not be achieved. If you do not fit the requirements of the maintenance of concrete technical standards and not in the project to implement the maintenance requirements, it is best not to use micro silica fume concrete.

The use of silica fume concrete, we must pay attention to the concrete construction of each link. The mixing process and the full dispersion of micro silicon powder are the key to the performance of concrete. Poor mixing and poor dispersion of micro silica fume may not achieve the expected performance of concrete.

Compressive strength may be an appropriate method for determining the 'hard' performance of concrete. However, the determination of performance must be carefully and fully understood. With the same strength of concrete, testing other performance parameters, the performance is not necessarily the same.

A plane concrete structure too much precausions. The surface of silica fume concrete experience shows that at least the finishing work can get more durable concrete, while preventing plastic shrinkage cracks.

In chloride environment, silica fume concrete has the desired resistance to chloride ion penetration. So far, some tests on the actual structure show that the silica fume concrete has good performance. One report shows that the rate of chloride penetration decreases with time. Now, the actual number of silica fume concrete structure is enough, the exposure time is long enough, it is able to explain the problem.

The United States micro silicon powder association is an ongoing project, in the actual bridge, parking and marine structures on the sampling. The type of micro silica powder product changes. Today, formula products and slurry micro silica powder has disappeared from the market. Almost all commercial concrete and precast concrete enterprises are using micro silica fume.

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