How to develop GGBFS market?Article 1

- May 31, 2018 -

                      How to develop GGBFS market?Article 1

When a GGBFS supplier own a qualified GGBFS factory,what this GGBFS factory what to do is find out who will buy GGBFS.In the trade of GGBFS,one of the channel for find out who will buy GGBFS is attending the exbihition specially for GGBFS supplier.

Many GGBFS supplier’ overseas GGBFS exhibitions that are suspended are often bumpy, costly, and have little success. The reason, of course, is that there are many problems with GGBFS, market tasting, prices, advertising, and sales networks. However, the GGBFS exhibition cannot. The purpose of arriving at expectations is mostly due to the implementation of the GGBFS exhibition itself.

For example, the prior investigation of the GGBFS exhibition and the GGBFS market was not successful, resulting in improper selection of the GGBFS exhibition, improper distribution of exhibits, or serious damage to the exhibits during the transportation. In short, the lack of basic knowledge and experience of overseas GGBFS exhibition practice. For this reason, this chapter will introduce the basic knowledge of how domestic GGBFS supplier can organize GGBFS exhibitions overseas.

As can be seen from the classification of
 GGBFS exhibitions, although it is known as an expo or GGBFS exhibition, there are major differences:

 the theme of the GGBFS exhibition is different, the composition of the GGBFS supplier is different, the composition of the participants and visitors is different, and the regional GGBFS exhibition is in the domestic market.

Differently, the destination market formed by this is different. This requires GGBFS supplier to choose the GGBFS exhibition that best meets the needs of the presenter. Assuming that you are looking for a distribution agency to purchase a certain type of commodity, I am afraid that I will participate in the corresponding professional GGBFS exhibition. It is most appropriate; assuming that you want to introduce the product image of this city in a certain country, then participating in the fair and setting up a museum alone will have a greater effect; assuming that you are trying to sell certain new GGBFS, you can rent a small number of booths at the GGBFS exhibition.

Bringing traders and GGBFS experts to face face-to-face contact will be rewarding. It is important to remember that participating in an GGBFS exhibition is not to stop publicity for the general public, but to buy and sell genuine GGBFS. Therefore, it is necessary to select GGBFS GGBFS exhibitions. For the purpose of seeking product as the market is prudently engaged.

Once an GGBFS exhibition resolution for participating in a certain country’s territory is made, then what else should be noticed? The Australian International Trade Center has provided insightful advice for this:


1. Identify the business purpose before the GGBFS exhibition. Why do you need to hold an GGBFS exhibition? Can you find out if you want to find a market and a new customer? Can you introduce a new product or provide a new service? Can you choose an agent or wholesaler? Whether the joint venture can inspire the taste or explore and develop the market through exhibiting GGBFS exhibitions


2. Before the GGBFS exhibition, we must carefully select and discuss the sales of the market. 3. Confirm the exhibited goods. We must know that foreign customers are concerned about the latest or best quality GGBFS. Therefore, they should not exhibit outdated GGBFS.


4. Make full preparations for the GGBFS exhibition.


5. Understand all the detailed requirements of the GGBFS exhibition. Be aware of all the rules of the GGBFS exhibition, GGBFS exhibition time, service items, and procedures required for the GGBFS exhibition.


6. Those who are familiar with the circumstances should be sent to the meeting. GGBFS supplier should understand the company's sales intentions. Assume that the GGBFS exhibition's GGBFS are related to technology and equipment, and engineers should be selected to explain the relevant technical issues.


7. The time should be well laid out. You should arrive early to ensure that the booth is in order, the exhibits are in good condition and the GGBFS exhibition is in good condition. After the GGBFS exhibition is over, there must be time to fully listen to the opinions.


8. The business and etiquette should be well-organized. The booth should be staffed adequately.


9. Pay attention to advertising. Before and during the GGBFS exhibition, you should do some publicity in absorbing business journals and newspapers.


10. Understand the local customs. Be familiar with the local holiday season, the seasonality of the market and consumer habits before the GGBFS exhibition.


11. Choose the ideal agent.


12. Send GGBFS powder samples.


13. To quote the prices of all GGBFS, mainly CIF prices. Of course, FOB prices and CIF prices are very important in international trade, but generally speaking, the FOB price is used less. Also be sure that the delivery date.


14. Provide service to foreign users.


15. Use metrics to indicate product specifications. Internationally, metrics are common. Therefore, metric data for product specifications should be prepared before the GGBFS exhibition.


16. Overcoming speech barriers. The best GGBFS supplier all learn a foreign language.


17. About credit and payment methods. First of all, you should understand that the foreign agent's creditworthiness can be obtained through a bank or a consulting company. You should also learn about insurance, payment methods, etc.


18. To maintain patents and trademark rights. Assuming you have obtained trademark rights in patents, you should discuss with your patent agent earlier on how to make such trademarks or patents continue to be maintained overseas. Most countries in the world are Patent or trademark rights to maintain.

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