Effect of GGBS Powder on Commercial Concrete Performance

- Sep 06, 2017 -

Effect of GGBS Powder on Commercial Concrete Performance

The study on the effect of GGBS on the performance of commercial concrete can be carried out by "mineral powder + cement slurry" to "mineral powder + cement mortar" and then "mineral powder concrete". But for ordinary application units, such as commodity commodity concrete concrete station, do not have to follow this law, can learn from the relevant research results, direct commercial concrete test, to find a reasonable match with specific conditions.

1. Effect of GGBS on the performance and mechanical properties of commercial concrete

1) The specific surface area of GGBS is between 430m2 / kg and 520m2 / kg, and the content of slag is in the range of 30% ~ 40%. The enhancement effect is the most significant.

2) The addition of slag powder can increase the cohesion of commercial concrete, the condensation time is prolonged, and the amount of bleeding can increase. There may be some adverse effects on the concrete pumping of commercial concrete.

3) GGBS and fly ash complex preparation of commercial concrete, can give full play to the two "complementary effect", so that the increase in the slump of commercial concrete, good workability, good cohesion, bleeding improved. While the cost of commercial concrete can be significantly reduced.

4) In view of the cement - fly ash - GGBS cementitious material system, under the premise of equivalent substitution, the fly ash content is not more than 20% is appropriate, fly ash and mineral powder content of not more than 40 % Is appropriate, and it is recommended to use 60d or 90d strength as a commodity concrete assessment standards to take full advantage of the late strength of commercial concrete.

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