Construction Method of Silica Fume Concrete

- Sep 06, 2017 -

Construction Method of Silica Fume Concrete

1. silica fume concrete mixing. Mix with the mixer, according to the formula to accurately weigh the material, feeding order for the water → stone → sand → cement → silicon powder → stir with a mixer for 1.5min, and then add an additive and then add a latex 1.5min. The color of the concrete mix is: a variety of materials mixed evenly, good mobility, not segregation, slump control within 3cm, more than 4cm are not allowed to use.

  silica fume.png

2. the transport of silica fume concrete. Mixing the silica fume concrete horizontal transport and vertical transport time shall not exceed 10min. 

silica fume mixer.png

3. silica fume concrete pouring into the warehouse. Pouring process should be a pouring, not stop halfway. Due to mechanical failure and other reasons to produce cold joints, should stop pouring, such as pouring concrete with a certain strength (generally wait 24h), according to the construction of sewing (treatment and base treatment the same), and then pouring the remaining part of the concrete. Pouring from the left or right to a direction into the warehouse, after the liquidation, the first with a plug-in vibrator, after the plate with a vibrator to mention pulp, vibrating time slightly longer than ordinary concrete, to vibrate dense can not leak Vibration After the flat pound the workers should pay close attention to pat out the pulp and wiping the surface, the general should be received 3 times to 4 times, so that the surface smooth and smooth, no holes, Ma and no penetrating cracks, unevenness control in the 5mm Within.

4. conservation. Newly poured silicon powder concrete pound after the pound stop 1h ~ 3h (according to the specific temperature to determine the site), immediately covered with plastic film to prevent the rain and surface evaporation cracks, 24 days is strictly prohibited or stacked debris. After 36h ~ 48h, remove the plastic film, covered with straw bags, according to hydraulic concrete curing procedures in time sprinkler conservation.

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