Application and sale of silica fume admixture in building materials industry

- Sep 22, 2017 -

Application and sale of silica fume admixture in building materials industry

Silica fume is a high-tech field at home and abroad with broad application prospects of the excellent materials, can be widely used in chemical, metallurgical and other industries. Used in cement or concrete to improve the performance of cement or concrete, with the preparation of ultra-high, strong, wear, erosion resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-penetration, frost, early strength of special concrete or composite cement to meet the oil field solid Wells, offshore oilfield drilling platform, harbor wharf, railway bridge highway, airport runway, tunnel and urban high-rise buildings and other projects of special requirements; for rubber can improve the elongation of rubber, tear resistance and tensile strength; For refractory materials and ceramic products, effectively improve the product strength and durability.


1. Micro-silica fume concrete used in water conservancy and hydropower projects, can improve the project's anti-abrasion ability Domestic and foreign traditional anti-wear materials, such as multi-purpose epoxy mortar and other polymer materials, such materials, although the anti-abrasion ability, but because of its own line Expansion coefficient several times the base of ordinary concrete, and the basement concrete temperature adaptation is not good, in natural weather conditions easily crack off, and the construction of complex, toxic, costly, can not be a large area to promote the application. The use of micro-silica fume concrete, impact erosion resistance increased by about double, anti-48m / s flow rate of anti-abrasion ability to improve more than 3 times.

2. Micro-silica fume concrete used in water conservancy projects, can improve the crack resistance of hydraulic concrete cracks, has become a major concern. The cause of the cracks is due to the heating of the material itself, such as the addition of fly ash in the concrete, although it can reduce the heating temperature, but the early strength is relatively low, so that the amount of fly ash is limited.

3. Micro-silica fume concrete can improve the anti-permeability and anti-corrosion performance, protection of steel. Underwater engineering due to chloride ions into the concrete, causing rapid corrosion of steel, concrete delamination, short life, destructive serious. Underwater concrete pouring generally use the catheter method, due to the loss of cement slurry, so that it can not be well bonded with the grass, and reduce the strength of the contact with water. After the incorporation of micro-silica fume in underwater concrete, these problems can be significantly improved.

4. Micro-silica fume concrete used in the traffic road pavement repair, with a strong wear resistance with ordinary concrete pouring the road, you need 28 days to normal traffic, generally early concrete to 3 days to traffic, concrete road pavement damage Is unavoidable. With conventional methods to repair, often to cause traffic disruption, resulting in serious economic losses. And the use of early strength and wear characteristics of micro-silica fume concrete, the actual effect is very satisfactory. The runway of the airport requires the use of more than 80MPa of concrete and wear resistance, micro-silica fume can also show their talents.

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