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Product Description: WNT - GGBFS is Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag powder that if used in concrete; it reacts with Ca(OH)2 to form an additional binder CSH,which significantly turns down its permeability. The reduced permeability resists chloride attackand carbonation infusion. The ground...

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  Product Description:                  

WNT - GGBFS is Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag powder that if used in concrete; it reacts with Ca(OH)2 to form an additional binder CSH,which significantly turns down its permeability. The reduced permeability resists chloride attackand carbonation infusion.


The ground granulated blast-furnace slag is used for the blast-furnace cement as a blending material and for the concrete as an additive. This product is supplied to both the domestic and the overseas markets.

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  Features Characteristics:           

· Enhances the concrete durability, reducing maintenance and repair costs.

· Reduces cement and water consumption

· Improves workability and compaction characteristics

· Increases compressive and flexural strengths

· Improves the concrete grading.

· Improves impermeability and water resistance.

 Application area:                        

· Water structure projects

· High rise building concreting

· Concrete pipes industry

· Deep and submerged foundations.

· Concrete in aggressive chemical attack

· in coastal or hot weather climates

· Low W/C ratio concrete mixes. 

 Advantages of GGBFS in concrete

The incorporation of ground granulated blast furnace slag in concrete manufacture gains many advantages which are mentioned below:

GGBFS in concrete increases the strength and durability of the concrete structure.

It reduces voids in concrete hence reducing permeability

GGBFS gives a workable mix.

It possesses good pumpable and compaction characteristics

The structure made of GGBFS constituents help in increasing sulphate attack resistance.

The penetration of chloride can be decreased.

The heat of hydration is less compared to conventional mix hydration.

The alkali-silica reaction is resisted highly.

These make the concrete more chemically stable

Gives good surface finish and improves aesthetics

The color is more even and light.

Lower chances of efflorescence

The maintenance and repair cost of structures are reduced thus increasing the life cycle of concrete structures.Unlike cement, GGBFS does not produce carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide or nitrogen oxides.



Techenical Data

Inspection items





density of the:g/cm3       Not less than


Specific surface area:m2/kg Not less than




Active index:%
     Not less than





28 day




Fluidity than:%         Not less than


Water content:%         Not less than


Sulphur trioxide:%      Not less than


Chloride ion:%         Not less than


Loss on ignition:%       Not less than


Note:Higher level of slag powder can be produced according to customer requirements

92% min microsilica powder or granular for concrete

  Compny Information:               

WINITOOR was established in 2004 in Quanzhou Fujian Province of China.We are specialized in the R&D.production and marketing of a series of building material: microsilica(silica fume) ,GGBFS , water reducing agent... they are in the application of concrete(HPC), Mortar ,Refractory,etc. We have built our own microsilica processing plant in the major area of Chinese ferro-silicon and silica metal factories,and our annual output is more than 50000 metric tons.

92% min microsilica powder or granular for concrete

Relying on many years of a high reputation and good service in the international market, WINITOOR have built excellent business relationships with customers from all over the world, including Middle East countries, Japan,Korea,Viatnam,Indonesia Europe, North America,South-East Asia,Latin-America,and Africa etc.

92% min microsilica powder or granular for concrete92% min microsilica powder or granular for concrete          



Jumbo bag with UV- Proof function and anti-aging character.

Without bags for bulk shipment


It should be stored in a dedicated warehouse that is well-ventilated and dry,and the condition is with waterproof & mostureproof,without ultraviolet radiation attack


Conveniently transport by Road, Railway,Sea, Pay attention to waterproof & moistureproof during transportation.


  Our Services:

Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours. 

2.Experienced staffs answer all your questions in professional and fluent English.

3.Special discount and protection of sales areas provided to your distributor.

4.The content packing particle size may be based on customer demand.

5.We are aimed at doing the best alloy in China.

China high density of microsilica/silica fume for concrete/ Cement

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